Friday lab meetings are better with pizza!


And as you can see, we devoured it quickly. We have a busy month ahead, so there was a lot to talk about. Mackenzie will be presenting a poster next week at the Faculty and Graduate Student Scholarship Symposium, and Kristen will be giving a 5 minute “lightning talk” on her research. Christina, Joe and Mitch will be putting together a poster for the upcoming SSU Symposium of Research and Creativity in early May, as will Kristen and Matt. Now that the shiny new environmental chamber is up and running, Christina has been working hard re-running subtidal control heart rate experiments and adding replicates. Joe has been genotyping the mussels to verify the species, while Mitch has been learning how to do westerns and will soon be optimizing the protocol for barnacles. Matt is getting ready to measure to the citrate synthase activity levels of some mussels from Nahant, Massachusetts to check for the effects of circadian rhythm. Kristen and Christina just learned how to write blogs for the website, so get excited for more updates!