Principle Investigator


Mackenzie Zippay, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology, Sonoma State University

Post-Doctoral Experience:

University of South Carolina
Medical University of South Carolina


University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests: 

Environmental Physiology/Eco-Physiology; Comparative Physiology; Climate Change Biology


Master Students

Kristen Hosek

I'm a Colorado native so I'm loving the proximity of the ocean and marine life. I'm interested in the interactive effects of multiple stressors on the physiology of intertidal organisms. My research examines how the  metabolism and antioxidant capacities of Mytilus edulis are affected by the combination of abiotic and biotic stressors. My project took place in Nahant, Massachusetts last summer and I'm in the process of measuring the enzymatic activity levels of my samples. 

CC_intertidal (1).JPG

Christina Collins

I am currently studying the effects of environmental stressors on the physiological responses of an invasive mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis. Specifically, I'm measuring heart rate and enzymatic activity of these mussels when they are exposed to increased temperature in both submerged and aerial conditions. My interests include environmental and animal physiology, because I'm intrigued about how the environment affects different organisms.

Undergraduate Students

MB in action.jpg

Mitchell Bomben


Joseph Jackson

Matt Draluck

Former Students

Cassidy Nowak, B.S. 2017

Shelby Holtz, B.S. 2017

Hayley Sneiderman, B.S. 2017

Shelby Holtz, B.S. 2017

Kathryn Schwan, B.A. 2016

Teija Isotalo, B.S. 2016

Emily Nazareno B.S. 2015